We’re in!


Can’t believe it! We are completely in! House in Dallas completely cleaned out, ready for a new family!  Not that there is one defined… Know anyone who wants to have lots of fun, splash in the pool, walk, jog, go out to eat, hang out with great neighbors, etc.? Great price.  Email for info…Of all times to move away from a house with a pool though! Holy camoley, it’s been ridiculously hot.  Got my chemistry assignment done, and extra credit quiz submitted, and One Laugh at Least performed on a church alter.  All in all, a typical weekend for the O’Ds..


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  1. The performance in church was ‘Divine’….I wouldn’t ‘altar ‘ it in any way!!!!

    The new ‘digs’ are great! The home has so much character! (now it has ‘characters’ living in it too!)

    When’s the house warming party…or cooling these days…

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