Let the games begin! Halfway to fun


Let the games begin!

I’d say we’re officially about halfway here, even thought I thought were were before.  Seems like we are having a loaves and fishes kind of experience.  Even though we’ve packed up who-knows-how-many boxes, it seems Fox Hollow is still full of stuff.  Today when we thought we finally finished with the kitchen, we discovered the dishwasher was full.

However, you will be happy to know, Evan got Rock Band hooked up at the new place, so I think we’ve turned the corner.  It works, COD treated Pikachu and me to a round of Green Day and Aerosmith. Microphone is evidence of the set up.  Yes, that’s Raquel Welch in the background on the Tony’s. (We’re switching between that and the Boston Victory)

Slowly but surely…Unpack two more cartons and off to bed, then a busy week at NEPA’s best fitness center!

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