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Why we celebrate Jack Gibbons Day


17362546_10212190463301494_5119939023522706024_nAnnual Jack Gibbons Day is not something you go to, this is something you just do. So what is it and why do we do it, you ask?

If you knew Jack Gibbons, you know why we celebrate. Jack was one of those people about whom others would light up and say “Oh Jack! I love Jack!,” or “Is Jack going to be there? Great, I’ll be there!” Or “Do you remember when Jack…followed by some tale…hahahahahah, that was so great!” Of course there were the others, particularly politicians from a certain party, who would likely say, “Jack Gibbons? yes I know him. Tell him I’m not here.”

Why June 25? It’s half-way to Christmas. And, it’s the anniversary of Jack’s birth.

Remembered by all who met him even once, Jack could always be counted on for a fake handshake, a pun, a thought-provoking comment, a round of golf, a challenge to someone in “authority,” rallying for someone who should be in office, some bragging about his wife and daughters, a discussion of a play or book, or music, or piece of art. And of course, to do the glasses thing as seen.

Of course, if you are like us, you still miss his presence terribly. Sometime recently, I had a dream that he was at a restaurant at the table behind us, yucking it up in some way. I told Evelyn about it the next day, and he was in her dream too, telling her to wake up. In fact, she would have been late had he not been calling to her.

Jack died November 9, 2013, and some of the light went out of the the world for most of us but you know he would want us to fun it up for him!!!

So on Sunday, Annual Jack Gibbons day, Evelyn, Kate, Bridget, Chris and I invite you to CELEBRATE JACK GIBBONS! Here are some ideas…

  1. Tell someone who didn’t know Jack your favorite Jack story.
  2. Jump in the pool, if there is a swan-shaped inner tube, ride around in it.
  3. Start a new book
  4. Call your senator about the health care act.
  5. Play a round of golf
  6. Spend time with your family
  7. Brag about your kids
  8. Drive your wife to work.
  9. Listen to your kids
  10. Be in a play
  11. Direct a play and say you will never do it again
  12. Direct a play again
  13. Read the New York Times
  14. Buy a piece of art
  15. Bring in a stray
  16. Have lunch with a friend
  17. Stand in the window, and call out to the neighbor across the street, but whatever you do, don’t strain your voice!!!!

Check out some fun Jack pictures here: Facebook pictures