From the Jeanne Fraley Collection


I decided to enhance this blog with funny stories about the source of the various cute hats for 2011.  This is one from the Jeanne Fraley collection that somehow ended up with me after she died about 6 years ago.  Aunt Jeanne was Chris’s mom’s sister and one of the most fun people around, the O’Donnell version of Aunt Mary.

Once, when Chris was a child, he went with him Mom up to Aunt Jeanne’s house in the Heights to pick up a cake she had made for Chris’s mom to take to some event.  When they arrived, Jeanne wasn’t there, but on the kitchen counter there was a mangled, unrecognizable blob. As they looked closer, they saw a toothpick sticking out of the top with a note attached: “I forgot to grease the pan.”

That was Aunt Jeanne!

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